Evans EC2 Marching Tenor Heads


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Evans EC2S Marching Tenor drumheads were designed specifically for use with marching quads/tenors. Known as the Evans MEC2S, these heads feature a specially designed hoop profile was engineered to withstand the tension and durability requirements of the marching activity.
Evans Sound Shaping Technology (SST) controls overtones and allows the fundamental pitch to cut through. This focused sound is becoming increasingly popular in both indoor and outdoor marching environments. Two identical plies of 7mil film provide pronounced attack, durability and optimal resonance that projects well on the field.
Evans EC2 SST Marching Tenor Head Features:
• Specially designed hoop profile to withstand high tension (MEC2S)
• Evans SST™ controls overtones for a focused sound
• Two plies of 7mil film for 14mil strength and durability

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